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Pull Up for Prince George’s

As the founder’s hometown, Prince George’s County, Maryland was a natural focus area for Pull Up Fund. The county is well-known for its proximity to Washington, D.C. and its diversity. Many residents encounter structural barriers that can too often limit their access to affordable housing, quality education, and high-demand career training programs.

With racial equity and justice in mind, Pull Up Fund will seek to bolster efforts that help foster tangible development opportunities and provide real impact for the county’s residents.

Check out what some of our grantees are doing in their communities:

CASA de Maryland
CASA provides critical health services to immigrant families in Southern Maryland.
CASA de Maryland

CASA is an immigrant power-building nonprofit in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area that supports undocument immigrants and mixed status families. During COVID-19, CASA leveraged Pull Up Fund resources to continue to support families with health and social services navigation, access to testing and health appointments, and families in isolation.


households served through the CASA de Maryland Solidarity Fund, which disbursed $124,500 to undocumented and underbanked populations in initial aftermath of COVID-19 outbreak


households served through CASA’s food delivery program

Greater Washington Community Foundation
The Greater Washington Community Foundation supports small/minority-owned businesses throughout Prince George’s County.
Greater Washington Community Foundation

The Greater Washington Community Foundation (GWCF) exists to Build Thriving Communities by providing community leadership, inspiring local giving, promoting civic engagement, and guiding strategic philanthropy. Leveraging Pull Up Fund support and a partnership with FSC First (FSC), GWCF was able to deploy $1M via its Legacy Fund for Small Business Development to support the small/minority-owned business community in Prince George’s County.

A metalworker welds steel at a workbench.

Moxy Metals, a Community Foundation grant recipient.


small businesses received an average of $5,600


jobs retained during the COVID-19 pandemic

Through the Legacy Fund we hope to preserve the small business infrastructure, ensure job retention, drive economic development, and enable the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next, leaving a lasting legacy for families and Prince George’s County.

— Tonia Wellons, Greater Washington Community Foundation

Prince George’s County Memorial Library System
Prince George’s County Memorial Library System provides critical online access services to library users across the county.
Prince George’s County Memorial Library System

Pull Up Fund supports PGCMLS’ efforts to expand STEAM education, workforce development, and broadband access programming throughout Prince George’s County, Maryland, in conjunction with the PGCMLS Foundation. This includes PGCMLS’ Online2Go programs which helped provide internet access and computer equipment to individuals and families in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the coming years, this will include the PGCMLS Commons, which will focus on addressing systemic inequities in the county through creative technical training, higher education supports, and leadership development programming.