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Jarrid Green

Jarrid Green is the Co-Director of the Center for Business and Social Justice at BSR. The Center will advance health and economic justice at the intersection of movements working toward greater societal equity and fairness. Among other activities, the Center will sustainably and intentionally connect leaders in movements with private sector allies, identify effective business practices, and provide cross-learning opportunities that inform private sector behavior change as well as systems change through improved public policy outcomes.

Prior to joining BSR, Jarrid worked at Freedman Consulting, where he developed and managed strategic philanthropic initiatives including donor coalitions and nonprofit organizations focused on social justice and climate/sustainability impacts. Jarrid has also served senior research and project management capacities at The Democracy Collaborative and The Center for Social Inclusion.

Jarrid received his M.B.A in Sustainability from Bard College and his B.A. in English Language and Literature from the University of Maryland. He is also an alum of the Council of Urban Professional Fellowship Institute.