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Request For Proposals


Health & Wellness Supports for Pre-K-12th Grade Educators in Prince George’s County, Maryland

I. Overview

Description of Issue

73% of teachers feel frequent job-related stress, 28% have symptoms of depression, and 59% report burnout, according to a 2022 RAND report¹. These findings suggest teachers’ roles had to expand to many other responsibilities during COVID-19, and consequently, the heightened stress, feelings of burnout, and depression have contributed to a nationwide teacher exodus. Today we face a shortage as teachers leave the field earlier than before and fewer new educators enter the field.

The negative ramifications on wellbeing are even more pronounced for teachers of color. In 2022, RAND found that one in three Hispanic or Latinx teachers experienced symptoms of depression compared with about one in four non–Hispanic or Latinx teachers². Additionally, Black teachers were more than twice as likely as other teachers in the winter of 2021 to say they planned to leave their jobs at the end of the 2020-21 school year².

There are similar trends in Maryland. A 2022 poll by the Maryland State Education Association found that 91% of educators say burnout is a serious or very serious concern³. Additionally, the same poll found that 96% of educators say staff shortages are a serious or very serious concern³, and 60% of educators are more likely to leave the profession or retire earlier than they’d planned due to the pandemic³.

In Prince George’s County specifically, a Maryland Matters article notes that the school system has been averaging about 850 resignations and retirements per year. As of June 2022, there were at least 800 educator vacancies throughout the Prince George’s County school system, including 770 empty classroom teacher slots.

Request for Support

While Pull Up Fund (PUF) acknowledges and understands the nationwide teacher shortage is a complex issue, we are eager to identify and support health and wellness initiatives that serve Pre-K through 12th grade educators.

Pull Up Fund is interested in providing one-year grants of $100,000 – $250,000 to organizations supporting the health and wellness of educators in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

II. Who Can Apply:

Pull Up Fund intends to fund and support organizations with demonstrated expertise within the health, wellness and/or education space.

Generally, we are excited to receive proposals from Maryland-based nonprofit (501(c)(3) organizations, though national organizations with established educator wellness programs and sponsored organizations are welcome to respond.

Commitment to Equity
Promoting diversity and equity is at the center of Pull Up Fund’s mission. As minority populations have been historically underrepresented in educational leadership, and underserved by wellness services, Pull Up Fund is committed to funding programs that are intentional about reaching underserved populations and are led and staffed by people who reflect the populations they serve.


III. About Pull Up Fund

Pull Up Fund was founded as a charitable means to connect historically excluded communities with resources they need to thrive. Historically, PUF’s grants have supported COVID-19 relief programs, STEAM & youth education, racial justice, criminal justice and reentry support, poverty alleviation and more. PUF focuses on organizations serving Prince George’s County, Maryland and across the state of Maine. For more information on Pull Up Fund, please visit


IV. Evaluation Criteria

Under the realm discussed above, Pull Up Fund will consider proposals under four criteria:

  1. Scope of Impact: Including expected number of Pre-K – 12th grade educators impacted by program.
  2. Diversity: Commitment to serving a diverse population, and demonstrated knowledge and capacity to address the needs of different communities; representation of individuals with diverse backgrounds in organization leadership and staff.
  3. Evidenced-Based/Proven Likelihood for Success: Proof that program is informed by evidence based practices with a history of success.
  4. Insight on Structural Interventions: Organization/program addresses systemic influences within the education system that affect the wellness of educators.

V. Timeline and Application Materials

  • Deadline for applicants to submit proposal: November 14th
  • Pull Up Fund notifies applicants if they are invited to a follow-up conversation: By November 23rd
  • Follow-up conversations with select applicants: November 16th – December 2nd
  • Applicants notified whether they are selected for an award:  December 9th
  • Grants are awarded: December 15th

Under this timeline, we encourage projects funded under this RFP to start during the first quarter of 2023, but this is not a requirement.

We request that applicants submit their proposal by November 14, 2022. Please submit the proposal to Please keep proposals to no more than three pages in length, not including budget/timeline materials. In your proposal, please address these core criteria:

  • Directly address the criteria for evaluation listed in Section IV.
  • Include a brief discussion on the proposed timeline and budget.
  • Please provide background information on applicant’s organization, such as:
    • Why this issue is important for applicant’s organization?
    • Showcase existing work, including scope of impact, that applicant’s organization has accomplished thus far. This includes descriptions of significant programs or projects within the wellness and/or educator supports space.
    • Highlight successful past programs, and the reasons as to why these programs were successful.
    • Please articulate the network and connections to Prince George’s County schools (if any)

VI. What to Expect in the Grant Agreement

As a condition of the grant award, Pull Up Fund asks that grantees provide updates every six months on progress of the program.

VII. Questions

For any questions, please email